Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Summer Bun + exciting news!

Hi to all my faithful readers. I know its been real touch and go lately but I have exciting news! I'm MOVING! So with graduation, summer school, work and now getting the condo ready, blog posts had been put on hold. But now that I've had some free time I'm able to get back to you guys [thanks for putting up with our lack of posts] 

I'm going to put up a REALLY BIG post about Gemmy [my newly renovated condo] so be looking out for that. So exciting, I cant believe its almost finished! Anyway... moving on to the hair tutorial! 

This fun summer bun is the perfect way to get your hair off your neck in the heat and add a little something special to your typical bun. The best part is... it only takes a couple minutes but looks like you took a while putting it together. [it's all about faking complexity]

Hair style: The Summer Bun 
Total Time: Less than 15 minutes 
Works best with: Long to medium, fine to medium thickness hair

-So start off by braiding a small section of your hair [ I used about an inch section above my ears relatively] in just a simple regular braid. Tie that off with a clear elastic and leave it [DONT DO ANYTHING WITH IT UNTIL LATER] Also pull out some pieces around your face you will use all of this later to finish up the look. :) 

-Then [you can tease this next section before or leave regular, either way it will look great] take the section of hair around your crown and above the ears and twist that into a medium high bun [secure with LOT of bobby pins] 

-With the rest of your hair, braid back into a regular simple three section braid going down your back [tie this off with another clear elastic] 

-Then wrap that braid [the one you just braided down your back] around the bun you have already secured. Secure the braid tightly with bobby pins. 

-Then with the little braid you braided at the beginning, pull it back and pin. The elastic should be hidden, so you might have to tuck it in, remember it shouldn't be difficult. [play around with it] 

-Then finally curl the sections of your hair that you separated out at the beginning [ curl away from the face]. This makes your hair seem more elegant when it really took you less than 10 minutes. You can choose to pin back part of the curly hair to make the style more "flowy" [thats what I did] or you can leave them at the front of your face. 

And thats it! A pretty way to put up your hair for this hot summer! 

C'est la vie my long hair [dont care] diva's,

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  1. i cant do a bun to save my life! And I really need too! Love it on you!



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