Saturday, November 5, 2011

A friend loves at all times...

So this is my second post about my big/little gifts! This by far is one of the cutest projects I have done and one of the easiest!

What you will need [I bought everything at Michaels craft store]:
A canvas [any size you want]
vinyl 2'' letters [I used the helvetica font ones]
A ruler
A pencil
Spray Paint [color of your choice]
Gorilla Glue

Heres how: 
Start with a blank canvas
I then drew straight lines [lightly] with a pencil and ruler to keep the letters straight

then I applied the vinyl letters... make sure that all the ends of the letters are sticking on there good

Then I painted a coat of spray paint and let it sit for about 30 min.

After that, I just peeled off the letters and tied the ribbon in a bow and used the gorilla glue to hold the ribbon on the back so that my little could hang it in her dorm room! And thats it! How cute and easy. I want to do this for my room too but I haven't chosen what I want it to say. [I'll think of the perfect thing soon]

I used a bible verse for my little's gift but you could use a song lyric, your favorite poem, or just your favorite quote. So adorable! <3

C'est la vie,

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