Monday, October 31, 2011


It's that time in the year when the fall breeze starts rolling in and the leaves beign to fall off the trees. In the spirit of Halloween I decided to make a pumpkin. I can't remember a memory in my childhood of making a pumpkin and my family doesn't do it every year. Sooo this Halloween I insisted that I carve a pumpkin. :)

You would think it would be an easy process to find that special pumpkin...but it wasn't in my town. Saturday night I went out to start my search and the two closest chain grocery stores were out of pumpkins. My sister and I took it as a sign and decide to continue the search later. Sunday night rolled around and we decide to call around. None of the grocery stores in my town had any pumpkins! There was only one Wal-Mart that had a few left. Well taking what we could get we got the best one we could find and went home to carve. Well this is the finished product :) I really enjoyed finally creating a memory of carving a pumpkin. How was your Halloween? Did you have any Halloween fails?
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