Monday, December 5, 2011

The Braided Up-do (& no heat!)

Hi my lovelies! Its been a little while since I've posted a hair tutorial so I thought why not today?! [since I finally have time... I hate school]. Over 2 months ago I posted about a no-heat braided updo. I literally learned how to do this hairstyle about 30 minutes before I actually tried it out. Now I don't recommend to do that at all.. but I was feeling adventurous that day. I needed a quick hairstyle that looked like it took a long time yet didn't require me to dry my [very long and thick] hair. Anyone remember that post? Here's a picture to remind you!

So here's how:

1. [Picture: top left] Part your hair the way you like it and then section it into two sections and braid your hair into normal pigtails. I used a clear elastic to secure each pigtail. [you can find these at Sally's, target, just about anywhere!]

2. [Picture: top right] With a pigtail in each hand, bring the two towards the back of your head and tie them into the first part of a knot [make sure when you tighten it flat to your head] then repeat again [if you have short hair you may only be able to cross the pigtails once] 

3. [Picture: bottom left] Then using [lots of] bobby pins, secure the pigtails in. I hold where the elastic is and secure there and then work my way around the rest of the updo. This secures the updo to your head. I like my look to be hanging low rather than up high like a bun.

4. [Picture: bottom right] Add pretty clips or other accessories to cover any pins and to glam it up!

 And voila! you have a "complicated" updo that only took you around 5 minutes. The best part is that it works best with wet hair! It would probably work best with fine to medium hair and the longer the better. Because my hair is so thick... it can be tricky to bobby pin it up, but it can be done! This hairstyle is great for glam girls on the go! <3

C'est la vie my little busy bee's.

Bonus! Here's the sneak peak of my next hair tutorial: The Sock Bun <3

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