Friday, December 23, 2011

I'd love to stay.. but I really mustache.

Since it's less than a week before Christmas, I thought I'd share a really quick and inexpensive gift with you guys! This gift is perfect if you are buying for a group or if you just want something quick & easy.

Read more to find out how I made these cute mustache mugs. You're gonna love them!

To get started head over to a dollar tree, walmart, or target and pick up some really cute basic coffee cups/ mugs. The ones I bought were a beige/off white color. I then went to Michael's [which you guys should know I love] and picked up a pen that writes on ceramics... the brand was called Pebeo.

Now, most people who have bought the pen have great success with them... however, my pen must have been old because it was horrible. It didn't write at all and the paint was really gross. However, this is what I would reccommend to buy if you are doing this project, just pray you have better luck with them than I did. If it works right then you will be able to bake the cup and then people can drink out of them and the cups will be dishwasher safe!

[sadly] I ended up having to use acrylic paint... so it can't be washed so really they are more for decoration... but oh well they are still really cute and if you let them air dry I'm sure they would still work fine!

I used a stencil that I got online from Kandee Johnson, who made these cute cups in her video [and obviously was my inspiration], I'll link that video below:

Kandee's Cute Mustache Mugs

She is such a cutie and I adored this gift idea! You can get the mustache stencil from her blog site which is linked in the video above.

Finally, I just traced in the mustache [on the front] and free handed the initials of the girls I was giving the cups to on the back [It was a special touch]. Sooo adorable and affordable. My kind of gifts. <3

C'est la vie & Merry Christmas


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