Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Introducing Briar Rose. Ma petite poisson.

I have to be honest my lovely readers.... I've been keeping something from you.
Around July of last year, my best friends K, Suzie and I went out and bought two beta fish (for K's birthday). I bought one for me and Suzie & K bought one [they are sisters if you didn't know]. They bought a beautiful male beta, named Nazrat [lizzie mcguire reference for all true fans]. And I bought my pride and joy that day. She isn't my first fish I've ever had but she is my first fish that is completely mine.

I've been reluctant to introduce her to you guys because most people know that Beta's don't always have a large life span. Also, only a few months after K & Suzie had Nazrat, he passed away. :(

So I've been a little nervous to introduce her but she is a beautiful part of my life and why not let you guys see one of my precious responsibilities!

Isn't she the cutest?! Yes, she really is a beta and yes she is a female. The males are the ones who are really big and extra colorful... but I wanted a little girl.

If you were wondering, her name is after sleeping beauty [of course, shes my fav]. 

Also, I'm sorry my blogging had been put on hold... getting ready for my last semester of college is not only as stressful as it sounds but it's also really complicated. But soon i'll be back in the groove and can post some more tutorials and TBBC updates :)

How is your 2012 so far?? Are you already stressed?? Remember to pray for this semester and for others. Start the new year off right!

C'est la vie,

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  1. Aw how sweet are you! :) I have a beta fish too (Bear) and the last one I had (Kitty) lived for 3 years! I have unique names I know!


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