Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Time = Craft Time :)

Hello Ladies!
I know I has been about three years since I have posted a blog post and yes you can disown me now (please dont though). So since it is turning fall now..its time for crafts. :) And since some pure genius invented pinterest, there are plenty of crafts to choose from. I stumbled upon a way to take boring shoes and make them gorgeous! (it's inexpensive too!)
The materials you shall need:
  • pair of shoes (need to be suede cloth or satin, not plastic)
  • White or black aclyric paint
  • Fabic Glue (Sobo brand is a good choice)
  • Foam Brush
  • Glitter of any color
First paint your shoes white or black with the aclyric paint. (I chose black). Let that dry and then take the glue and spread a thin layer on the shoe. Do this in sections (will make the process easier). Then shake the glitter over top the glue spread section. Before shaking the excess glitter off.... press the glitter into the shoe with your fingers. Shake the excess off now and move on to the next section of the shoe.
Let the shoe dry for a couple of hours and then go back over the spots where the glitter is thinner. Your finished product should look like the photo above. :) The picture does not do the glitter justice! It is also a great way to do a costume for Halloween or to just have a pair of statement shoes! What crafts are you guys having fun with?
Lots of Love,

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