Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Its wednesday, so I feel like being random.

Well I finally did it... I wore my first scarf of the season!
It hasn't really been that cold here, so for a while [even though its "fall"] I couldn't justify wearing a scarf. But finally we had a bit of cooler weather and so I busted out one of my favorite scarfs.

I have to admit it's not mine... it's my moms! [See, I told you she was more trendy than me.]

I wore it with a white v-neck 3 quarter length shirt and jeans with my gray Keds. This scarf has so much detail that pairing it with a simple shirt and jeans works perfectly.

In other news, I'm sorry this post has gone up so late in the week... usually I write my posts during the weekend and post it by monday but I was at DISNEY this past weekend [should I do a post about it? possibly]  and so I didn't have the time to write a post.

But finally I had some time to check in with you guys! Anyways, I'm leaving you with an adorable picture of Middie-lynn. She wants you to see her in all of her beauty! [Shes currently laying next to me... and she approves of my picture selection]. She's so spoiled.. but oh soo cute!

So, how is your week going so far? Is it scarf weather where you are?? If it is.. I'm so jealous of you! I'm craving cool weather here so I can start wearing all my cute winter clothes.

C'est la vie to all my cold weather people!

PS. Be on the look out for my post about the homemade gifts that I did for my "LITTLE" <3 Heres a little preview of that :)

[are you excited?!] 

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