Monday, October 3, 2011

Patticakes and Perfect Sunday's

I had a pretty amazing weekend. My sunday was absolutely perfect. I actually had some free time to write about one of my newest obsessions. Patticakes.

This new amazing cupcake/coffee adorable place called Patticakes just opened up in town and its sooooo delicious. Not only are the cupcakes amazing but the coffee is wonderful too.

I have to admit... I'm slightly addicted. Not only is the food and coffee DELISH but the atmosphere is so wonderful. Who doesn't love a cozy coffee shop with yummy cupcakes?

[red velvet and vanilla with buttercream]

I thought about it the other night when I wasn't having such a good day... my mom brought me home the cupcake and I wondered to myself... has anyone ever eaten a cupcake and been mad? [impossible?! i think so.] 

My addiction is still going strong... the other night we went back to get some more cupcakes after my mom and I had dinner at this cute little restaurant a block away [we ate outside and it was so perfect... yes my mom is cuter than me... i've accepted it. This is us trying to decide what we should get since it all seemed good!]

...well after we ate we ended up getting coffee instead of cupcakes. I got a yummy caramel frappe of sorts. UGHH so good! Ladies and Gents you have to go check this place out. And while you're there you must meet Ashley [one of the wonderful people who works there.. she's about the cutest thing ever!]

This trendy little secret part of town is perfect for a girls night out, date night, or just a wonderful saturday night in general!

I love finding new spots in my town that instantly become one of my favorite places to go. Where are some of your favorite places to go in your city? Next time you go out... try some place new and then tell me all about it! oh by the way.. Happy Monday, Im off to school... [and dreaming of cupcakes] 

Dont forget to check out Patticakes and like them on facebook! <3

C'est La vie, my cupcake addicts.


  1. How sweet! So glad we could make a day brighter and cozier:). That is truly our goal.

  2. Woah these look great! I don't have a cupcake shop in town (I live in the Netherlands.. we don't et them that much here) I would love to have one close though!




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