Monday, June 17, 2013

Music Monday

What have I been listening to this past week...

well its been a mix of new and old! Lets get right into it!


"Now you’re talking crazy saying that you made me like I was your Cinderella,You and me are through,watch me hit it solo, I’mma do it acapella." 

Swimming with Dolphins
Everything's A Miracle 

"As we begin descending faster than illumination, You hold me steady
Yeah, you show no fear or limitation" 

Mitchell Grey 

"As sweet as the sky looks empty, I'd like to see a cloud or two. Just to watch them drift away, to know my world ain't standing still."

Better that we break

"Now waking up is hard to do, and sleepings impossible too." 

Katie Noonan
Crazy cover 

"And I hope that you are having the time of your life, But think twiceThat's my only advice"

This week for me was a really chill week, while I started back at work I began to realize how blessed I am with everyone that I will be working with over the summer. So this week I have experienced a wide range of emotions, which leads to a wide range of song choices. Hope you guys find something you like too. I really am loving the Katie Noonan cover, I heard it in a restaurant and I can't stop playing it [Obsessed] 

As always make sure you either tweet me music suggestions or leave a comment with your favorite music this past week that you've had on repeat! 

C'est la vie my music addicts, 

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