Tuesday, August 16, 2011



How adorable are they?? I know, I know pretty adorable. Don't be surprised if I put pictures up of them often... I'm obsessed with them and they are just too cute to not share with you guys. Heres a little bit about the babies.

Knight Sir Pur a lot James 

Yes that is his first name and middle name minus my last name. Did you follow that? Hope so! Hes the cutie on the red blanket. He's absolutely wonderful and he is also REALLY old. He's turning 16 this year. YES, 16! We call him the "old man" because he really does act like a little old man. He hates the camera... when hes not sleeping... he looks pissed. But he still loves me.

Midnight "middie" Lynn James

Shes the fiesty all black one staring at the camera. One thing about my family is the name we give to our animals is usually NEVER the name we call them. Usually middie ends up getting called "Thang"...."Thannger"..."Shaboopie"... "Boop-oh" or "Boopers". Honestly I have no clue why.  And if you can't tell Middie loves the camera... if I even pull out my camera, she is there, posing.

I love them. I'm sure most of you will end up loving them too, give it a little time. ;)


  1. aww I am not a fan of kitty cats but those are suer adorable!!

    ps. I love your twitter buttons, can you email me the link to them :)


  2. Oh how cute! They are adorable! Don't worry! I post TONS of pictures of my puppy! :)

    Ashley Sloan

  3. Aww thanks girls! and Stesha I just emailed you with information on the twitter buttons :)

    and ashley your puppy is ADORABLE!


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