Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Bandwagon Book Club

So I'm doing it. I'm starting a book club. Don't worry we aren't really meeting up or anything because I know everyone around me is really busy and also many of you aren't even from the same state as me! So this is an online book club. :)

I'm gonna read through the "bandwagon" books as I call them... these are the books that everyone is raving about. The ones that might have been seen on "Oprahs" reading list... you know the ones I'm talking about. The ones people say "oh I wanted to read that..." or "I heard that was really good".

Well its time to find out for ourselves! Are these books worth all the hype? do we love them because we love the book or because people tell us to love it?? Lets find out together.

Don't worry every now and then i'll throw in a classic book or a not soo famous one. Just to spice things up :)

The first book I'm reading is "The Help". I've been wanting to read this for months now! I've heard so much about it. So let's see if we love it as much as everyone says we should. Pick up your copy of "The Help" by Kathryn [eek thats my best friends name!!] Stockett.

*IMPORTANT* If you have already read the book thats okay! leave me some comments and participate, I still want to hear your opinion of what you thought of the book! :)

Lets jump on the bandwagon and see where we end up.

Joyfully trying new things,


  1. Thanks for the sweet comment :) P.S. I just finished The Help and it was fabulous!


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