Sunday, August 14, 2011


I woke up late this morning as always. I was planning on washing and drying my hair, straight, like normal. But the planned failed when I got out of the shower and I noticed that it was already 9am. Church starts at 9:30.... oh Lord. Typically, I would just throw it up in a bun and try to make it look decent but today I got somewhat adventurous. 

Usually, I always tell people to NEVER try a new hairstyle minutes before you are leaving to go somewhere... but I thought "what the heck". 

So, I needed a hairstyle that would work for wet hair because there was no way I could dry my hair in less than 15 minutes. So... I looked on pinterest for "Wet hairstyles" and found one that seemed easy yet beautiful! This braided updo is elegant and EASY! It took me probably less than 10 minutes yet looked like it took me at least 30. 

Let me know if you want me to show you step by step how I got this look! Enjoy your sunday.

C'est la vie,


  1. yes a step by step guide would be awesome i want to know how to do this especially for those mornings when my hair is frustrating me or i need to get ready really quickly!

  2. step by step! we would love that. we're glad you found our little blog and liked it ! yours is adorable as well!



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