Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When life gets messy...

I cant even begin to tell you the stress i've been putting on myself recently! I'm sorry its been over a week since my last post. [BTW have you guys tried the twist braid yet? how did it turn out?] Recently I've been all about the Messy Bun. I cant get enough of it because its quick and gets my hair out of my way. Its been so hot here lately that my hair has been driving me crazy...

Anyways, I actually spent time at the library this past weekend [I know... it's shocking] but I seriously felt like a freshmen all over again. I even used my backpack! Senior year is starting to set in and I can tell it's gonna be a whirlwind already. [ps I know I look like a dork.. and i'm really okay with it.]

With the stress of school, job, relationships, friends, family, grad-school, and life you can see how it can all pile up and last week just felt like an overload.

So how am I sorting out my messy life? Heres a few things that have gotten me by this past week...just some simple things that we often take for granted.
-Prayer [thanking God for what he has blessed me with and relying more on him.]
-Friends [relying on them more and more... thank you for everything this past week and in general]
-Family [ a constant support system in my life]
A good planner. [this is my baby. Where would I be without it? A good planner can keep you in perspective of your week... it keeps me on a nice schedule and reminds me of anything I might have forgotten.]

How has your past week gone? How is your week going? Are you stressed like I was? Take a min. of your day and remind yourself of all the wonderful things going on in your life. Take a moment to breathe and then keep going!

C'est La Vie for all the Wonder Women out there.

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  1. I was blessed not to be stressed out this week.


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