Sunday, September 18, 2011

I wanna be lazy Sunday + monday post PREVIEW

Today I have felt like doing absolutely nothing. But sadly I've forced myself to be productive. I should be taking my sunday nap right now [by the time you read this I probably will be sleeping] however I wanted to get a post up today to fill you in on what I'm doing! 

After church this morning [which was lovely by the way], I came home and Knight [kitty] was wanting all sorts of attention. He kept meowing me until I picked him up! So to punish him for being slightly annoying... I took pictures of him [trust me that is complete torture for him]

Then after he finally gave it a rest, I lit my favorite candle at the moment, Red Apple Wreath. Its from Yankee Candle and its oh so yummy. Seriously... i'm ready for CHRISTMAS. I know I shouldn't rush it but I'm tired of the heat. Thankfully today we had a nice [cooler] day out. 

Now I'm cozied up in my bed and finally putting together some new posts...just for you guys! Below is a preview of Monday's post. A new hair tutorial! How is your sunday going? are you being productive or a lazy bum [like i wanna be]. Either way Happy Sunday everyone! 

Sweet Dreams [because I'm currently napping] 
,Jackie <3

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