Monday, September 19, 2011

The Twist Braid Tutorial!

Hi guys! Today I'm finally letting you guys in on one of my favorite [easy] hairstyles! I first saw this look on and I was dying to learn how to do it! Hopefully this tutorial will help you guys learn how to do this cute twist. <3 

1. Start with a section of hair at the front [ i use my shorter fringe section of my hair... but you could use your bangs or just the front section] 

2. Separate this section of hair into three equal parts [like you are going to do a normal braid] 
To make this more clear [and easy for me] we will label the 3 parts of this section as: 
 1 is the closest piece of hair to your face 
2 is the middle piece of hair 
3 is the back piece of hair  

3.  Drop 2 straight down out of your hands and then take 1 and twist it around 3 [you are bringing that piece of hair (1) over (3) which makes a twist]... then pull it tight! I like to twist it twice sometimes to give it a really twisted look. 

4.  Pick up another piece of hair [ which becomes the new 2]

5. Drop the new 2 and again take 1 and twist around 3

6. Pull tight and even twist again [depending on what you like] 

7. Once you've twist-braided to the length you like, pin it back. I use a really cute bow clip that holds really well. I got it in a set of 2 from Forever21 for about $3. I use them almost everyday. They are perfect! 

8. You're FINISHED! Its that easy. Trust me... practice makes perfect so try try and try again. Once you get it... its so simple you'll want to do wear it everyday <3

Try it out! I hope this was helpful for you guys... let me know how it turns out for you. 
C'est la vie,



  1. this is so cute! i will have to try this

  2. What a cute way to do your hair! :) THanks for the ultra amazingly sweet comment hun!


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