Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vintage with a Twist

Hello my lovely ladies, Today's post is all about spicing up your nails. If you've been on Pinterest  [which if you arent... GET ONE... they are so much fun!] Anyways... if you have been on there lately you might have seen the image above floating around.

Aren't these nails to die for!

Now I have to admit, I don't paint my own nails. Ever since I was about 13 I have been getting my nails done. The reason I have "fake" nails is because if my real nails were not covered with acrylics then they wouldnt exist. Thats right... I'm a nail biter. So, I got fake nails so that I could actually enjoy having my nails painted and looking pretty.

That picture above is what really inspired me to try something different with my nails. When I got my nails done, I asked the wonderful lady to add some cute white stripes to my fun color to make my nails have a vintage twist to them. Now this is great because no matter what color you pick you can add the white stripes to it, and voila! Vintage with a twist. <3

The color I used was Cute as a Button from Essie and the nail artist used a white striper polish. You can find them at sallys or even drugstores!

C'est La Vie,

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  1. those nails are super cute! love the vintage look of them and cute as a button essie color is my go to color!


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